What can I expect during a soirée?

Great people first. Good music. Delicious cocktails. We invite talented local tailors as well and they come with their sewing machine. Plus a few surprises up our sleeves. Ultimately, it’s all about the people.

What do you mean exactly by ‘helping me love my jeans forever’?

Come with a piece of denim you cherish and get it customized right on the spot. All while sipping delicious cocktails and shaking your body on good music.

Why a membership?

Because we’re building way more than a party; even way more than 6 parties a year [at a bare minimum!]. Also, we are here to last.
We are on a mission to reconcile conviviality and loving our objects longer. Events are great. What if you could remain connected to the events you’ve been to, the people you’ve met, the custom projects you were offered, the tailors who made the magic happen. This, is a group of NEW CONSUMERS, bonding together, offline and online, year over year.

“NEW CONSUMERS” you said?

Yep. We’re a bunch of people who believe in -and want to manifest- a new consumerism. Our manifesto is here.

Why denim?

Jeans are the most popular pants on Earth. We’re talking about 2.3 billion pairs sold every year, while the fabric itself is designed to last for life. Hum. We now find denim in more and more pieces within our wardrobes, no matter our style, sex, class or generation.
Also, denim is the perfect canvas to express our uniqueness.

Why San Francisco?

We love it here. And this is also where blue jeans were born.
In 1873, at the end of the California Gold Rush, Levi Strauss & Co., named for a Bavarian Jewish dry goods merchant in San Francisco, obtained a U.S. patent with tailor Jacob Davis on the process of putting metal rivets in men’s denim work pants to increase their durability. It was the birth of the blue jean.

Why this format?

We believe in connection; deep, authentic, strong connection. While we spend a non-trivial amount of time per day behind some screens, we also want to make people bump into each other AFK [away-from-keyboard].
Helping people reconnect with their objects -pieces of denim at the moment- and meeting each other, discovering ‘others’, experiencing serendipity at its fullest all take part in the same re-enchantment mission.
Of course, we also think a great soirée is always worth living.

Have we met?

We are Mathilde, Max and Kev. We’re french and we’ve spent 15 years moving around the world together.
Mathilde cherishes that moment when her body matches that heavy pair of jeans only vintage stores provide.
Max still buys stuff only him understands -like a 3kg pestle to grind pepper.
Kev loves digging into MagazineB stories; currently into Tsutaya. Skate collabs are close to his heart as well.

When is the next soirée?

Mark your calendars for August 2nd, 2024.

What if I’m not based in the Bay Area?

This happens to cool people. You can still support us and unlock some members only benefits such as an access to the Objet app (web and testflight), some content (newsletter and podcast) and a chat room (discord). It also sends a strong signal as to where to expand next.
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