Denim re-enchanted.

For life and beyond.

Denim club in San Francisco. Free repairs. Exclusive discounts. Monthly soirées. ‘Je-ne-sais-quoi’ community.

$9 per year
If you’re not living in the Bay Area but want to make sure we’ll launch in your city next. Membership includes the following:
  • member’s only
    • app (web and testflight)
    • content (newsletter and podcast)
    • chat (discord)
  • vote on which city to launch next
$96 per year
Hold on your next purchase. In addition to all the Supporter benefits, membership includes the following:
  • exclusive discounts from partner brands -the best denim out there. Period.
  • free repairs and custom projects
  • invitations to monthly soirées (parties with a french twist)
  • a printed version of “LE NEW CONSUMER” manifesto
$672 per decade
limited to 100 spots
In addition to all the Member benefits, membership includes the following:
  • a home cooked dîner with a special guest in Berkeley, CA
  • a unique, numbered, handmade in Paris keychain -from very special upcycled materials