Denim re-enchanted.
For life and beyond.

Hey, we’re Objet. We are “NEW CONSUMERS”. This is our manifesto. Objects are evidence of human existence.

Join quarterly denim soirées -parties with a french twist- in San Francisco and build history with denim you love.

As an early bird member -for $96 a year- you get guaranteed free entrance to a year of soirées.

Flyer for Objet's soirée, July 25th

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This is the story of a woven label tattooed on a denim, thus turning this garment into a living forever artefact.

  • _ unique label designed for this soirée, sewed on your denim by
  • _ talented local tailors, while sipping a
  • _ complimentary drink, and swigging on
  • _ good music, and then
  • _ we all stay connected via this label